Taiwan Explorer Award

On 14th of September 2017 COCOautomotive won,  just like last year, The Taiwan Explorer Award 2017. We will be guest and enter the Innovation & Incubation Center of National Kauhsiungm University of Applied Science KUAS in Kaohsiung.

With thank to China Airlines and Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN), our founder & CEO Bruno E.M. Smulders will be going in the period of 8 January exploring the startup scene of Taiwan and it’s potential partners and suppliers.


6 Replies to “Taiwan Explorer Award”

  1. Congrats with you winning this. Hope you’ll have a very interesting trip and many helpfully contacts.

  2. Congratulations! Like your ideas. Please write some updates on how your startup (?) is going. Like to hear everything about it

  3. Thanks for the info. What I am interested about is what did come of your Taiwan trip? Is there an other place to find more info? like to read more about it. Cheers

  4. Thanks writing
    I am as well delighted to read about you endeavors. Will share this know-how here with colleagues. Hope to find more updates here soon

  5. It’s hard to come by knowledgeable people on this subject. Like Dorthy is writing. Please update your website with the newest info on your project.

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