Moving to an electric and clean world

The world is definitively moving to electric cars, but how long will it take before everyone moves electrified? All 1,2 billion cars are driven by electricity instead of petrol? It will take us at least 20 years, if not more, before global car manufacturers can produce enough electric cars. We’re going to help transition to electric much faster! And with the cars people already know, we are going to electrify existing petrol motored cars! The car you love, without polluting the people and the world you love!

So what’s new about that? Aren’t hundreds of companies globally already doing that?

Yes, but what these companies are based on, is a ‘custom made’ business model. Cocoautomotive is going for mass production! We’re going for full scale re-manufacturing of technically perfect cars that just need to be electrified to become 21st century cars with the latest technology.

We are expecting, and will ultimately achieve, a bigger and more positive long term impact on society, on CO2 emissions than any OEM or any other vehicle
manufacturer for that matter.
This is for the simple reason that every time we sell one of our EVs, we will replace a combustion engine vehicle (a so called ICE-vehicle) with a totally sustainable one. Our cars will contain the highest and latest off-the-shelf technology and custom build (dashboard-)software.

The solution that we offer during our production process has not only a very small footprint, it also reduces the amount of waste in the Automotive sector by nearly 80%. The deployment and implementation is very simple and uses widely available real estate, equipment and manpower. Our resources, technology and parts are already easily obtainable around the world.

We are unique because we will be the first company that combines the upscale idea of used automobiles together with implementing all of the existing developments that are just about ready to get positioned into the marketplace as individual and fully functional sub-solutions.

Bigger impact on the transition to a Zero emission future

By combining our logistical – and production knowledge together with all of the available stand-alone solutions into one managed platform we shall be able to provide the number of EV’s that is needed and cannot (yet) be produced by the current car companies.

Since the current car companies will be building cars from scratch, there will just not be enough production capacity in the coming 5 years.

This will give us our growth potential since we know that more and more individuals will want to own an affordable EV.

This Upcycling Process, remanufacturing of existing platforms, will generate new jobs that can be executed by workers with hardly any extra training. In our current society they ready and available. Waiting to apply for a job with us.

Our enormous challenge

What we propose is a solution to a huge environmental, humanitarian and political challenge that we as humanity cannot solve with business as usual. Mastering this challenge will need extraordinary steps and people in startups with broad, timely visions and the energy to address it as well as people showing us they way to out of the current paradigm.

We know that we have that solution. We also know we are able to execute it and make a real difference, not only regionally but worldwide.

These upcycled e-vehicles are our contribution in all the solutions needed to make a better, sustainable and future proof world.

You’ll  find our latest Pitchdeck here.