COCO Automotive

More than just a bug fix or an overhaul. We redesign and rebuild existing vehicles making them ready for use in the zero emission future starting today.


Quick charge, safe, long range, low cost and zero emission. With a small footprint this is a low impact alternative to a new electric vehicle. [more]

The Predisposition of a Vehicle

The Predisposition of a Vehicle is evident. A body is much more than a means of transport. It is a cradle of technological advancements without end. There are no boundaries set to what man can do or make from a set of doors on wheels.

We can make it swim or even dive, drive on rails, fly and even drive manned or unmanned on the moon or in dangerous situations. It can help save lives or extinguish fire’s, bring kids to school and deliver goods to your house.

But what it above all does, is connecting lives and advance humanity in the future.

What we should do is make it as fast as we can, sustainable in a way that everybody can afford it. [more]

About us

We will change the way the world uses cars by delivering safe, affordable, high tech vehicles. Upcycled with the latest technology and an electric propulsion system.

Our business model is concentrated around reuse, reinstatement, remanufacturing and technological updating from existing vehicles on a mass scale. Our aim is it to make the vehicle better and technologically more advanced than when it origional came out of the factory.


Personal Family Climate Action

The Climate Discussion -believer versus non-believer- is a silly one. Just consider a helicopter view. One could argue that at the moment it is unclear if climate change is happening, is ever going to happen, if human interaction is -part of- the cause, and -yes or no- is going to happen at all, etc etc.

The Blue Energy Disruption

Our world isn’t for no reason called the blue planet. Because it’s a beautiful Blue planet looking down on it from the moon. The only one in the solar system and the only one with live (as far as we know at the moment).