The Blue Energy Disruption

Our world isn’t for no reason called the blue planet. Because it’s a beautiful Blue planet looking down on it from the moon. The only one in the solar system and the only one with live (as far as we know at the moment).

This planet has been sustaining live for the last two million years, and it showed a very balanced climate for the last 10.000 years.

And now we are in for a big challenge, whether you want to agree on it or not, that doesn’t matter at all, it is an inevitably well proven fact. This beautiful planet is going to shake us out of existence.

It’s like a freight train. It is coming and no single person will be able to stop it without help.

Humanity has to team up

The only way to stop that freight train is by a collected effort from every individual on Mother Earth. You can’t hide, you can’t deny, you can not do nothing. You have to pull your weight together with your family, your neighbours, your street. The whole neighbourhood. Even with your town, the country you live in. In fact with every living Homo sapiens.

The aim is to save all living plant and animal life, including us, on this rock.

We need a global movement to work towards a change, a total paradigm shift. New awareness, of the fact that every act, conscious or not, has far reaching consequences. This is the so called Butterfly Effect.

Let’s team up!